Become a Peer

Are you ready to start a rewarding opportunity in a peer support role?

Our own stressfull challenges require our full attention and effort for a period of time. When we are in the midst of a challenging time, we can’t always attend to the needs and feelings of other people, or even ourselves. But when we come out of the challenge, we often have greater empathy for those who have experienced something similar. That's where we build our team strength. By having compassion and empathy for our peers, we are positioned to offer support, guidance, and help facilitating expert resources in your time of need.

Becoming a peer team member means considering the needs and well-being of your peers.  It's a role that is not taken lightly.  It's one that requires a great deal of time and effort.  Training is included, and we work together as a team.

If you think you could be up to the task, please answer the following:

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, connect with a peer to get started!  


Training is required to become a peer.  We will provide training and will mentor you along the way.  At a minimum, all peers must complete the following: