Mobile Apps

These mobile applications are designed to help you manage your mental health and wellness on the go. If you know of other mobile apps that you have found valuable, please connect with a peer and we will add it here.

Cordico is a mobile app designed specifically for Isle of Wight County first responders.  The app offers easy-to-access wellness information and resources that are taylored to our first resonders.  Using the app is free and anonymous.  A generic login is used to prevent public users from access the app.  Otherwise, there is no personal information tracked. A login is available for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement.  Contact a Peer Support team member for login information. Download the app here.

Lighthouse Health & Wellness is an in-hand, on-demand, 100% confidential health and wellness platform available at no cost.  Lighthouse was designed to provide you with  anonymous access to a growing library of the latest educational health and wellness information and tools that have been tailored to the unique needs of those working in public safety.

CrewCare is a mobile app designed for the first responder industry. The goal of CrewCare is to provide mental health insight into an individual’s stress load and associated factors. We want to give back to the first responders and healthcare providers that assist our communities in times of need. It’s not just about being resilient, it’s about thriving.

Happify began with the idea that we could reach people by combining evidence-based principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology with best practices from the game industry. Happify improves mental health and wellness, and supports individuals, organizations, and populations.