Our Mission

The mission of Isle of Wight Peer Support is to effectively recognize and respond to another first-responder who is experiencing emotional or physical symptoms from exposure to acute or chronic stress. Peers will respond by listening, referring, and supporting those in need. The program will also strive to remove stigmas and barriers to accessing mental health care by coordinating online and in-person resources without judgment or bias.


Isle of Wight Peer Support's purpose is to prevent or lessen the potential negative impact of stress upon first responders by providing confidential emotional support, information, and assistance. The team will provide mental and emotional support through one-on-one discussion, education, family support, immediate support, and post-incident follow-up. The program consists of individuals within Isle of Wight County who have been specially trained in peer support, traumatic incident support, and communication techniques. The team works in consultation with the team's clinical director to provide guidance and makes referrals for clinical care when necessary.


Our vision is to have a peer support member in every department and agency in the County so that every first responder feels comfortable with seeking help or reaching out.  We hope to provide an inviting and trustworthy peer support environment where every first responder feels safe and respected for wanting to improve and maintain their mental health.