Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of great questions as we speak with people about our peer support program.  Here are the most common questions.

Who's in charge of the peer support team?  The team is guided by a core group of volunteers that have been part of the Isle of Wight first responder community for many years.  This team is not paid and does not report to any chain of command for any peer support work in any of the agencies we support.  We are independently overseen by a licensed clinical social worker that has over 20 years of experience providing peer support to first responders.  Read more about our team.

What happens when I choose to connect with a peer?  You can fill out a form on this website, or text or call a peer directly if you know their phone number.  When you do, a peer will reach out to you at a time that's convenient for you.  When we do connect with you, what happens next is up to you.  We do not require you to commit to a certain number of "sessions" or to tell us anything you do not want to reveal.  Whatever you choose to do or say remains confidential.  It's also up to you when you're ready to end the interaction.  Read more about how to connect with a peer.

What typically happens during a peer connection?  Most of the time, we just listen and offer guidance if you request it.  You can talk, cry, scream, or vent.  We can text, call, or video chat.  We'll even meet you in person if that's what you need.  When you feel that you've "gotten" what you need from the interaction, we're done.  We will ask you if we can follow-up with you in a few days or so, just to check-in and see how you're doing.  Read more about how to connect with a peer.

Do I have to follow up if I choose to connect with a peer?  Absolutely not!  We want to help you on your terms.  You choose how that goes.  There is no script or timeline when connecting with a peer.  We will respect your time and space, and will back away whenever you tell us you're done.  You don't have to agree to a follow-up check-in. If you choose to reconnect later, great!  We'll be there when you're ready to talk again.  Read more about how to connect with a peer.

Will my co-worker/supervisor/officer/family find out that I've contacted you?  Our team is required to maintain confidentiality by law.  You are also protected from FOI disclosures when you speak with us.  We do not report your interactions to anyone unless you threaten harm to yourself or others, or our interaction is one that is mandated reporting.  Read more about confidentialty.

Will I get reported to my agency if I choose to see a therapist?  Absolutely not!  What happens between you and your therapist is protected and confidential as required by law.  Also, the peer support team will never know anything about your therapy sessions unless you choose to tell us.  The mental health professionals listed on this website do not require a referral from the peer support team.  You can contact them directly without our knowledge.  Read more about our vetted mental health professionals.

Do you track what I do on this site or which links I click?  We do not track your personal information or identity when you use this site.  We have no way of knowing the name or identity of those who use our site.  We do not record IP addresses or telephone numbers (if you are mobile).  We do track the number of times links on our site are clicked so that we know which resources are being used.  We do this so we can gauge when a resource is not relevant or needs to be updated.