Resources - EMS

We maintain links to a variety of online resources, lists of trusted mental health professionals, self-help tips, tools of the trade, and additional learning materials.  Select a resource section to get started.

The following organizations provide resources specific to EMS providers.

EMS Help  - is a nonprofit organization committed to advancing suicide prevention among EMS providers by providing resources, free and confidential peer support, and tools to better preserve their mental health, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

EMS Burnout Repair Kit  -  The EMS Burnout Repair Kit series, presented by EMS1 and Zoll, will equip individuals at all levels in EMS with tools for dealing with the primary sources of burnout, helping them emerge as better, happier providers and more complete people.

EMS Week - Stay Strong  -  How can you support your peers and take care of yourself on and off the job? EMS Week offers articles and resources to help improve your physical and mental well-being. 

White H.E.L.P.  -  It is the mission of White H.E.L.P. to reduce mental health stigma through education, advocate for benefits for those suffering from post-traumatic stress, acknowledge the service and sacrifice of Emergency Medical Technicians/Paramedics we lost to suicide, support families after a suicide and to bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues.

Share the Load Program  -  Taking care of your mental health is as important as managing your physical health. The National Volunteer Fire Council’s Share the Load™ program provides access to critical resources and information to help first responders and their families manage and overcome personal and work-related problems. This includes the Directory of Behavioral Health Professionals as a resource to find local assistance for behavioral health issues.

More first responder, public safety, and general resources can be found on our resources page.