Resources - LEOs

We maintain links to a variety of online resources, lists of trusted mental health professionals, self-help tips, tools of the trade, and additional learning materials.  Select a resource section to get started.

The following organizations provide resources specific to law enforcement officers.

VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program  -  The VALOR Officer Safety and Wellness Program is dedicated to preventing injuries to and deaths of law enforcement officers and the people they serve and improving the health and resilience of officers.  The VALOR Clearinghouse offers a vast set of resources on topics related to officer safety and wellness. Search the library of materials by several different parameters. Save them to a Collection that you can share and download for later use. Start your search TODAY!

Bulletproof  -  Bulletproof is a confidential and anonymous resource that provides law enforcement professionals and their families with mental health & wellness initiatives, addiction awareness tools, assessments and direction toward treatment and care.

Copline  -  Copline is a peer support group made up of active and retired police and law enforcement officers.  Cops understand Cops. We’ve been exposed to similar situations in our careers. Whether you’re active duty or retired and feel like no one understands what you're going through, we want to answer your CALL.

Warrior's Rest Foundation  -  The founders of Warrior's Rest have over 50 years of experience in Law Enforcement.  Other members of our core team have decades of experience in Law Enforcement, teaching, and presenting as well as providing counseling and crisis intervention.  This team is experienced in responding to critical incidents, line of duty death and natural disasters to perform mental health counseling and peer support crisis intervention for those Law Enforcement & First Responders that are impacted by those events.

Virginia Law Enforcement Assistance Program  -  Committed to serving law enforcement officers and first responders who have undergone traumatic critical incidents in the line of duty or in their personal lives. Established in 2008, in the wake of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech, the organization has served more than 1,500 officers from over 70 Virginia agencies and trained over 250 law enforcement peers to date. No one understands cops like other cops.

Blue H.E.L.P.  -  Offering comfort and honor to the families who have lost an officer to suicide is necessary to maintain the credibility of the thin blue line. All officers, regardless of method of death, deserve thanks; all families deserve your support.

Cops & shrinks: Can you trust your therapist?  -  How do you find a therapist you can trust if you need one? Not because you’re broken and need fixing, but because the psychological strain of working as a cop in a pandemic and a wave of anti-police sentiment may be causing you or your family problems or triggering old issues.  This article helps break down what you need to know about confidentiality: When you have it, when you don't.

More first responder, public safety, and general resources can be found on our resources page.