Online Resources

These websites have more detailed information about mental health, stress management, healing, and wellness designed for members of the first responder community.

NAMI - Public Safety Professionals  -  Public safety encompasses an array of professionals — from the dispatch call center to each aspect of emergency response and throughout the justice system. We call on these individuals every day to respond to emergencies and sustain our health and safety. These are difficult, often thankless jobs that require a willingness to face tough situations with expertise and composure, frequently while in harm’s way.

Disaster Responder Peer Support  -  Programs where responders support each other can be helpful as a way to acknowledge the difficulties in response work, strengthen teams, and equip responders to cope more effectively.

First Responder Center for Excellence  -  The FRCE is dedicated to protecting the lives and livelihoods of first responders, nationwide. Our education and research initiatives constantly shed new light on challenges to the health, safety and well‑being of firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders. It’s all with the goal of reducing line‑of‑duty injuries and deaths as well as occupational illnesses.

Code Green Campaign  -  The Code Green Campaign® is a first responder oriented mental health advocacy and education organization. Also known as Code Green, we serve all types of first responders. This includes firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers, police, corrections, air medical, and search & rescue. Our name is a combination of the color for mental health awareness (green) and the “code alerts” used in emergency services. If someone is having a stroke or heart attack, first responders will call a “code stroke” or “code STEMI”. The idea is that Code Green is calling a code alert on the mental health of first responders.

Responder Strong  -  A collaboration between emergency responders and our advocates (clinicians, educators, researchers, health care organizations, and foundations), ResponderStrong’s mission is to improve mental health supports for emergency responders and our families through joint focuses on intervention and prevention. Our site serves as a resource map for responder-informed crisis and clinical services as well as easily accessible educational content and tools for responders, families, leaders, and the clinicians who work with them.

Yoga for First Responders  -  YogaShield® Yoga For First Responders® (YFFR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Olivia Mead and first seen at LAFD in 2013. YFFR has a mission of bringing yoga and mindfulness science to practical applications for first responders and military personnel. To date, YFFR has trained over 300 instructors and introduced this new skill set to thousands of first responders and military personnel in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Healing the Hero  -  We believe there is a better way to heal the brain when it comes to traumatic and negative emotions affecting our day-to-day lives. We developed the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP), the heart of our interventions. They are the Trauma Resiliency-Protocol (TR-P) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP). These processes eliminate the negative emotions attached to any traumatic event or significant emotional event that someone has experienced in their past. From childhood to adulthood, PTSD or Acute Stress, it does not matter. 

Code4Couples  -  Code4Couples is the brain child of Cyndi Doyle, Licensed Professional Counselor and Law Enforcement Officer Wife. She has a passion for helping to Law Enforcement Couples with her personal experience of being married to a Law Enforcement Officer and her professional expertise as a psychotherapist in private practice that works to with individuals and couple to create authentic and intimate lives. 

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation  -  The United States Congress created the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation to lead a nationwide effort to remember America’s fallen firefighters. Since 1992, the tax-exempt, nonprofit Foundation has developed and expanded programs to honor our fallen fire heroes and assist their families and co-workers.

Everyone Goes Home  -  In March 2004, a Firefighter Life Safety Summit was held to address the need for change within the fire service. At this summit, the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives were created and a program was born to ensure that Everyone Goes Home.  Our goal is to help the U.S. Fire Administration achieve its objective of reducing the number of preventable firefighter fatalities.

6th Alarm Peer Support  -  6th Alarm is a nonprofit first responder peer support organization in Tippecanoe County. We serve firefighters, police officers, EMS personnel, and dispatchers who witness incredible trauma, fight being overwhelmed by past memories and current responsibilities, experience complications at home, and more. 

If you know of other online resources that you have found valuable, please connect with a peer and we will add it here.