We've categorized a variety of resources designed to support the mental health and wellness of first responders.  Checkout the sections below for to find valuable resources that work for your mental health journey.

Go to specialized resources for:

Phone numbers and websites for 24/7 crisis and counseling hotlines

Phone numbers and websites that are not available 24/7, but provider counseling services and support groups.

Mental health and wellness websites and general resources designed for first responders.

Resources for responders who have questions or concerns and want to learn more about mental and emotional wellness on their own. Provided by ResponderStrong.

A list of mobile apps centered around access to mental health resources and self-care practices.

Podcasts that are either designed for or created by first responders and their families.

Books and publications that are either designed for or authored by first responders and their families.

Flyers, presentations, pictures and other documents that you can print out and use within your organization.

Online and in-person courses and conferences that teach mental health and wellness, resiliency, and other first responder-focused readiness techniques.

A directory of inpatient and outpatient mental health and wellness facilities designed to care for first responders and their families.

A list of laws and legislations that govern mental health and wellness within the first responder and public safety sectors.