Find a Trusted Mental Health Provider

We have curated a directory of licensed mental health providers that live, work, or have connections to Isle of Wight County and the surrounding areas.  All of these providers are either Certified First Responder Counselors, or have a history of working with first responder clients.


We have personally interviewed each of the counselors listed in the directory.  We feel that they have a firm understanding and knowledge of how we work, what we do, and when we need help the most.  They understand that we put others first, push aside our feelings, and tread lightly when it comes to our own mental health.  They have patience knowing that we have a hard time trusting anyone outside of our circle.

Some of these providers are family members of first responders, or even active first responders themselves.  They stand ready and prepared to help you become a more resilient and ready responder.  Click on a provider to view their bio and to learn more about the services they offer.

Learn more about the different types and levels of mental health professionals.

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trusted mental health professionals:

DisclosuresThe mental health providers listed in this directory are not affiliated with, or employed by, the Isle of Wight Peer Support team.  This directory is provided as a reference only to mental health professionals that have completed training in, or have direct experience, working with first responders.  These providers and the Isle of Wight Peer Support team have no financial interests.

This directory was created to remove barriers and provide easier access to mental health care.  This directory is not meant to be a replacement for any employee assistance program that is offered by your employer.  Seeking therapy is not considered to be a fitness for duty assessment.  Your mental health provider is obligated to respect your personal privacy as required by law.

Unless you expressly consent, any contact, interaction, or relationship that you establish with a provider is confidential and is never shared with your superiors, the Isle of Wight Peer Support team, its peers, or any agency, except as required by law.  Isle of Wight Peer Support will have no direct or indirect knowledge of any relationship you establish with a provider without your expressed consent.  We do not receive any notification from these providers that you have contacted them.