Training Courses

These training courses offer mental health, stress management, healing, and wellness education designed for members of the first responder community.  If you know of other training course that you have found valuable, please connect with a peer and we will add it here.

Academy Hour - Online Mental Health & Leadership Courses

Academy Hours offers free online training courses for first responders using video format training courses available on-demand, at your convenience.  Start, resume, and finish on your own schedule.


Psychological First Aid Training

This is course is offered by John Hopkins University. Utilizing the RAPID model, this specialized course provides perspectives on injuries and trauma that are beyond those physical in nature. The RAPID model has been found effective in promoting personal and community resilience.


Stress First Aid

This is a free and self-paced online training course.  Learn to identify stress reactions within yourself and your crew members, understand the stress zone continuum, and learn strategies of the 7 C’s of SFA to help reduce the risk of more severe stress reactions.


Service to Self (EMS/Fire)

This free online training course informs fire and emergency medical services (EMS) personnel about their increased risk of experiencing mental health and substance use issues and conditions. It also equips them with information and resources to address these issues in themselves or their peers.


Shield of Resilience (LEO)

This free, one-hour, online course provides law enforcement officers with a foundational skill set to better understand and address the behavioral health stressors that are unique to law enforcement.