Peer Profile

Molly Harrison

Originally from Oregon, Molly settled in Isle of Wight County after living all over the US and overseas. Molly started volunteering for her community in 1998 as an EMS provider for Windsor Volunteer Rescue Squad. She has worked in several localities ever since, and is currently working as medic for Isle of Wight County Fire & Rescue.

Molly's journey into EMS got started on a dare! She was challenged to do something that took her out of her comfort zone. Starting as an "ambulance driver", she quickly received her ALS provider certification. Her dare paid off and she has loved serving others ever since.

Like most first responders, Molly has struggled with anxiety, wear and tear, and other stress injuries throughout her time on the job. Her empathy for others, and selflessness, make it hard for her to let go of some incidents and stressful situations.

It's these challenges, both on and off the job, that made her passionate about mental health and wellness for first responders. She understands that humans are not "built" for repeatedly seeing, doing, smelling and hearing the events that happen on the job.  Especially when they don't get time to process their emotions before having to do it all over again.

Molly has been essential to the success of the Isle of Wight Peer Support team. Her vision of creating a team of first responders for first responders came to fruition after the same "bad call" that Jeff experienced. As she navigated her own struggles, she recognized the vast mental health resource void that exists in the first responder community. Her mission is to help bridge the gap between the stresses of the job and mental health wellness.

The love she has for her peers shines through in everything she does. 


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