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Cordico is a mobile app designed specifically for Isle of Wight County first responders.  The app offers easy-to-access wellness information and resources that are tailored to our first resonders.  Using the app is free and anonymous.  A generic login is used to prevent public users from accessing the app.  Otherwise, there is no personal information tracked. A login is available for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement.  Contact a Peer Support team member for login information.

What is Cordico?

Lexipol’s Cordico wellness solution serves agencies like ours through the delivery of trusted, proactive and preventive wellness resources through an app that provides confidential support 24/7. Hundreds of agencies across the country use the Cordico app to bring this simple, accessible and effective solution to their employees. The wellness resources available through the app are developed by experienced clinical and scientific staff with public safety expertise. 

How does Cordico work?

Cordico’s mobile app, which works on Android and iOS, will be available to download for all our first responder personnel and their family members. Use of the app is completely confidential and includes self-assessments, guidance on common behavioral health issues for public safety personnel, instructional videos, resources for fitness, nutrition, financial wellbeing, family support and much more. The app contains direct contact information for our Chaplin, Isle of Wight Peer Support Team members, local professional counselors trained in and experienced with first responder support and the County’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

A Message from the Isle of Wight Peer Support Team:

The Isle of Wight Peer Support Team endorses and encourages use of the new Cordico app.  It is a great tool in your metal health and wellness toolbox and adds to the work that the Isle of Wight Peer Support Team does.  The Isle of Wight Peer Support Team is active and available for all members using either the Cordico app or through the team’s website at

What are the next steps?

The app is available for download now.  Find the download QR Code on posters and postcards placed around your buildings.  The universal login information will be distributed within each department through internal communications and is also available from an Isle of Wight Peer Support Team member, command staff or human resources.

Working with Lexipol is an important step in realizing our goal to provide confidential, high-quality wellness support to our personnel, who in turn provide the highest level of professionalism and service to our community.