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Bryana Weaver, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, CCTP, CFRC

Bryana received her master’s degree in Art Therapy with a specialization in Counseling from Seton Hill University. Bryana works with adult populations, utilizing both talk therapy and art therapy techniques. Bryana works with the client to address the immediate symptoms while simultaneously addressing the underlying concerns. This approach allows the client to achieve long-term change and to increase their overall quality of life.

Bryana is a trauma-informed therapist who focuses on helping clients with general mood disorders, life transitions and adjustment-related needs, relationships, grief and loss (including divorce), and adults who want to heal from childhood family dysfunction. Bryana also understands the specialized therapeutic needs of first responders. 

Wholehearted Counseling


📍15064 Carrollton Blvd
      Carrollton, VA

📍1642 Pleasure House Rd
      Virginia Beach, VA


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Disclosures:  This mental health provider is not affiliated with, or employed by, the Isle of Wight Peer Support team.  This listing is provided as a reference only to mental health professionals that have completed training in, or have direct experience, working with first responders.  This provider and the Isle of Wight Peer Support team have no financial interests.

This listing was created to remove barriers and provide easier access to mental health care.  This listing is not meant to be a replacement for any employee assistance program that is offered by your agency or employer.  Seeking therapy is not considered to be a fitness for duty assessment.  This mental health provider is obligated to respect your personal privacy as required by law.

Unless you expressly consent, any contact, interaction, or relationship that you establish with this provider is confidential and is never shared with your superiors, the Isle of Wight Peer Support team, its peers, or any agency, except as required by law.  Isle of Wight Peer Support will have no direct or indirect knowledge of any relationship you establish with this provider without your express consent.  We do not receive any notification from this provider that you have contacted them.

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