We're a group of Isle of Wight first responders that provide confidential peer support and easier access to mental health resources

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▼  Why Peer Support?  

Let's face it. Our jobs would bring most people to tears. We're not most people.

We put ourselves into difficult situations, sometimes unwillingly.  We remember the sights, sounds, and smells of every call.  We literally get down in the mud one minute, and climb to great heights the next.

We have highs and lows, good calls and bad.  Each drop of the tones, or squawk of the radio, makes our ears perk and hearts race.  But... We live for this stuff!

Wear and tear takes a toll.

Sometimes, it feels like we shoulder the weight of the world.  We carry the heavy burden of bad calls, difficult work environments, current events, and even our own personal baggage with us everywhere we go.

Often times, it isn’t a single incident or call that pushes us over the edge. Instead, it’s a piling on of things we've seen, years of service, and everyday life stressors that take a toll. This constant wear and tear leaves us bitter, insensitive, and feeling broken.  It doesn't have to.

Stress occurs on a continuum.

Stress happens in our jobs. Probably more often than we care to admit.

Your reaction to stress lies along a continuum, from ready to ill.  It ebbs and flows like the tide.  Knowing where you are along the spectrum can help move you from ill or injured to a more manageable and healthier ready state. 

We're here to help.

We've been where you are. In fact, many of our peer team members are still very active in our community. We get what you do, how it affects you, and understand the issues you face. We're here to help you process just about any situation.

We provide support to active and retired first responders.

Whether you are volunteer or career, just starting out, or are a veteran, we're here for you. And that doesn't stop once you retire. Just like those calls that stick with you, we will too. We're here to help you navigate any problem.  We call it just being a good human.

Get confidential support from your peers.

Our peers are active and retired members of our own local agencies. We understand the demands, requirements, and silent battles that you face. Our peers can help when you’ve reached a turning point, need guidance, or are just ready to talk.  Personal and confidential support is available anytime you need it.

You can request group support for a specific situation.

After certain incidents, you might find that an entire shift or team needs some support. Our trained peers can offer a supportive and understanding environment for anyone involved in, or connected with, the incident. We can coordinate group or individual meetings as needed.

It’s easy to push your own needs aside when you're busy serving others.

Many of us tend to battle through problems on our own. We don't want to get help because of what people may think or say about us.  We think reaching out will make us appear weak or incompetent.  So, we brush our issues aside and carry on.

If any of this sounds familiar, we get it!  The hardest thing we can do is to ask for help  Reach out to us so we can help you stay well enough to serve others. 

We practice stress first aid.

Stress First Aid (SFA) is a core component of our peer support team.  It educates first responders how to recognize and understand stress, and provides a set of tools to help you and your peers manage those stresses.  Take a minute to learn how SFA can help you navigate the stress of this job.

Need more resources?

We've collected links to a variety of online resources, lists of trusted mental health professionals, self-help tips, tools of the trade, and additional learning materials.